Rosalyn Thompson

Bossy, quick, confident and generally considered popular by being all those things.  Rosalyn has never hurt for positive attention due to her looks, but a few bad choices have set the trend for a difficult life that a broken home did not help.

Also crazy

Grace Martin

Slightly tomboyish and brilliant at chemistry, Grace prefers to keep to herself.  She often gets frustrated with general highschool problems like boys, clothes, or getting popular because she finds them trite.  Her family is generally supportive and well off.

Too cool

Owen Lewis

Still slightly an enigma at the moment, Owen is brash and confident.  He doesn’t stay entertained for very long and doesn’t put much thought into his actions.  However, more often than not, his “brash” decisions seem to turn out better than expected.



They like brains.  Also hobbling after people while groaning.


Other characters coming soon