Picture courtesy of Ludwig Van Jaethoven

Jenny is a 3D Modeler and illustrator on the side. She is currently living in the Bay Area with her boyfriend, three betta fish, and this thing:

(His name is Louie.)

She grew up spending summers at art school and attending contests in county fairs. Later, she had art featured in a gallery as part of the Olympia Arts Walk festival before leaving for University.

As a student in 3D Modeling, she had the opportunity to work on projects such as ‘Look For Water’, an upcoming Sundance film. She also works as a freelance artist creating models for pioneering products on the market. Most of her spare time is spent creating illustrations and models for various comic and video game ideas.

When she isn’t working on a project, she likes to volunteer at the local Aquarium in Animal Care so that she can play with baby bat rays. Hiking, SCUBA diving, playing video games, and having a warm cup of tea are some of her favorite pass times.

Wanna contact me? Just drop me a line at Jenny (at) zombie-killers (dot) net !